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Vendor Account Set-up

A vendor or an individual that is to receive a payment from the State of Arizona by a warrant or electronic payment (ACH/direct deposit) must set-up a vendor account with the State.  To set-up an account, you must be providing goods or services to an agency of the State, establish (set-up) an account by completing a State of Arizona, Substitute W-9 and Vendor Authorization Form (GAO-W-9), and forward the completed form to the State agency you are dealing with.  The form GAO-W-9 is a substitute for the Federal form W-9 that vendors are required to complete.  The State of Arizona substitute W-9 form fulfills the Federal requirement to provide a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and information concerning Federal income tax (backup) withholding.   The form also provides additional information and approvals required by the State of Arizona.

Additional Information : Vendors that want to register with the State of Arizona to provide goods and services to the State should visit the
State Procurement web site for additional information and registration.   Vendors will still be required to follow the vendor account set-up process described above.

Note: State employees are required to establish an account for processing expense claims and may also be eligible to participate in the automated payment program (ACH/direct deposit). For additional information, please contact your agency’s accounting department.
Reporting Vendor Payments to the IRS
The State of Arizona complies with all information reporting requirements mandated by the Federal government.  Vendor payments that require reporting to the Federal government on the Miscellaneous Income Reporting Form (1099-MISC) are reported each calendar year.  A copy of the form 1099-MISC is sent to the vendor at the address listed on the Substitute W-9 and Vendor Authorization Form.  The 1099-MISC is normally mailed each calendar year by January 31st.   If you believe you should receive a 1099-MISC, and do not receive your copy by the middle of February, please contact the agency you provided the goods and/or services to.
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