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Vendor Payment Information
Payment Options

Vendors, suppliers and other individuals can receive payments from the State of Arizona via warrants, electronic payments (ACH/direct deposit) or by State purchasing (credit) cards.

Vendors that would like to receive payment from the State using a purchasing (credit) card, must accept Visa credit cards as a form of payment.

As an alternative, vendors or individuals that receive payments on a regular basis in the form of warrants should consider signing up for the automated payment (ACH/direct deposit) program.  

If you currently have a vendor account established with the State of Arizona, you may complete the required ACH Vendor Authorization form, send it to your financial institution, and your financial institution will forward it to the State of Arizona General Accounting Office (GAO) to obtain authorization for acceptance into the program.  Once the form is completed, please inform each State agency that you do business with that you can now receive payment by automated payment (ACH/direct deposit).  Please refer to the Vendor Information Packet below for information on how to process the request for authorization.

Note: The State of Arizona uses the Automated Clearing House (ACH) for automated payments and direct deposits.   Refer to the Arizona ACH Brochure for description of the program. 

Forms and Instructions

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ACH Brochure
Vendor Information Packet - Information for Vendors that want to sign up for the Automated Payment Process
ACH Vendor Authorization & Instructions (GAO-618) - Form to set-up Automated Payment Processing (Interactive)
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